How to use @tipdoge

Tweet this command and deposit dogecoins to the address you receive - after 5 confirmations it will be available on your balance.

@tipdoge deposit
Now you can start tipping people on twitter using:
@tipdoge tip @user2tip 10
You can add more text to the tweet and it will still work:
@tipdoge tip @user2tip 10 doge for you
to withdraw your doge just tweet
@tipdoge withdraw yourDogeCoinAddress

The bot will verify the transaction by marking your tweet with a favourite.

wow so easy - very comfort - amaze! Ideas? post them to !
or send them to


Tipdoge is created by David Mann .

For your security we follow the industry best practices and store 80% of the coins in an Offline Wallet.

We recommend you to not store more than 10.000 doge on your twitter account. Somebody could hack your twitter account or steal your cellphone and gain access to your dogecoins.



What is this all about?

If you are confused what dogecoins are and how to use them check out - they explain everthing on one simple page.