@tipdoge API

It is super easy to build stuff on top of @tipdoge - to get an api key you need to contact me on twitter. After that you

getBalance( twitterId )


Will return the balance of this user

getRecievedTransactionsCount( twitterId )


Will return the amount of tips recieved by this user

getAmountTippedToUser( twitterId )


Will return the amount which your APIKEY's user tipped to the specified user

getAmountFromToUser( user_from , user_to )


Will return the amount of doge which was sent from user_from to user_to

User Balances - Convenience Methods

To save you some time the tipdoge API can manage your accounting with 3 easy functions.

getBalanceOfUser( twitterId )


Will return the amount which the user tipped to your APIKEY's user

increaseBalanceFromUser( twitterId, amount )


Will add a virtual amount of doge to the specific User - this will affect the value returned from getBalanceOfUser

decreaseBalanceFromUser( twitterId, amount )